Jewelry for All Occasions

Daniel A.

Boy, I wish I could give this business a six-star review. I met the owner, Artie, of Simms Jewelers four years ago. I could tell from that interaction that here was a very honorable local businessman. I promised myself I would return if I ever got married.

Well, four years later, I met the right woman, and came back to Simms to buy an engagement ring. Artie walked me through the diamond buying process and was very patient and knowledgable. His diamonds are conflict free, which was important to me. His company does custom work with local providers in the Greater Boston area so a one-of-one design was possible. I knew I would find great value too because Simms is a locally owned business without the overhead of the big box stores.

I brought Artie the design that I had in mind and gave him my budget. Artie went above and beyond to make sure the ring arrived on time and on budget. He met me on a day the shop was typically closed, and offered to drive the ring to my house if I couldn’t pick it up from him. The result was a stunning ring. The ring itself is the envy of my fiancée, and the value Artie delivered is the envy of my friends.

So, if you want something special, great service and great value, do yourself a favor, take the trip to Simms and ask for Artie.